Memorial Day Sale at Perennial Vintage

 For those who want sales alerts, here's one!

20% off all weekend and Monday starts today in the shop.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend.

I'm thankful for those who sacrificed for us all. ♥

Here's a couple patriotic items:

Awesome Eagle Bandana ( 'merica!) 

Eagle Bandana on a rug

Vintage military bag

Artist Virginia Demont-Breton │ The Fisherman's Wife after Bathing Her Children │TGIVF

When I came across this painting online the other day, I stopped scrolling. It took my breath away. The artist is Virginie Demont-Breton, a French painter, whose work became known from the 1880s and beyond.

There's a lot to love about it and I, many moons ago as a young mom with two boys, can relate to it. It's a snippet of a mom's life.

The boys she's carrying, where she's walking - on the rocks - balancing life and work and ... everything. Her face is angelic. And the point of the whole piece, in my opinion. She is a mom. She is an angel. What a beautiful work of art.

Have a wonderful Friday. Thank God it's Vintage Friday. (TGIVF)

Painting by Demont-Breton

Virginie Demont-Breton (French, 1859 - 1935), "The fisherman's wife after bathing her children" (1881), oil painting on canvas (203.2 x 126.4 cm.)

Annie the Movie | Vintage Cinema and a Blast to My Past

A movie still from Annie
 My first movie - in a theater - was at six years old. It was 1982. The movie was Annie, the musical.

And it was the most amazing thing I’d ever seen. 

The first movie in a theater is always a big deal. But that it was a musical really made it the pinnacle of my new cinematic experience. How do you top a musical? Cinema, music, and dance all rolled into one.

I'm sure I was overwhelmed. And I think I was. Because every time I think of Annie, I smile and a huge rush of good feelings wash over me.

I had the glass cup from a fast food restaurant, the Halloween costume, the soundtrack on cassette - that my sisters and I listened to a thousand times -  and other bits of commercial promotional things growing up. It became a part of my life.

My niece played Annie in a local theater production last week. She did so well and was the perfect lead. So proud of her!

A photo of a woman and an Annie
The perfect Annie
It got me thinking about the movie, Annie.  I hadn’t seen it in over 35 years. So? I watched it a couple days ago.

Did that take me back! I love the musical score, and the ‘20s costumes (with a huge ‘80s hint that was so prevalent in ‘80s movies - think Indiana Jones and Raiders of the Lost Ark - set in the ‘40s but geez, the ‘80s influence is so apparent!)

I felt like I was six years old all over again in a dark theater, trying to navigate the folding seats and sticky flooring. Some things never change. I'm still trying to navigate those things.

It’s a great story though with a positive storyline too: anything is possible and anyone can be redeemed from Annie to Daddy Warbucks.

And even Mrs. Hannigan. Because the sun will come out tomorrow.

Liberty Pattern │ What is a Liberty Pattern?

A dress on a dress form in a floral pattern
One of the best things about selling vintage is the continual education I receive with each piece I purchase. Because research is required (sometimes a little, sometimes a lot) on each item (from pricing to label history), I find new information about random stuff daily. 

Sometimes it's a new company or brand, sometimes it's a style or cut of clothing.

Yesterday, it was the "liberty" pattern. I was looking at an Etsy shop owner's current listed items and she kept referring to an all-over floral pattern as a liberty print.

So I looked it up. And sure enough, a liberty print's "pattern profile incorporates botanical, animalistic, Paisley, ikat, conversational, and a range of other motifs, while the floral one still prevails. Liberty fabrics can be vibrant or pastel, mysterious or playful, infused with motifs addressing Western or Eastern culture, but never solid and boring."

The liberty print was in fact created by a textile corporation in London back in the late 1800s of silk and moving onto cotton printed textiles, particularly of floral patterns, which is what gave the company its claim to fame.

So, now you know. Liberty pattern is an all-over floral pattern. Very busy and beautiful. 

For those who know fabrics, this is forgone knowledge. I'm late to the party on this one. But, now that I know,  that's one more descriptive bit of text I can add to my listings.

Cheers to knowledge!


Thrift Haul | May 21, 2024

 Today’s little thrift haul was small and sweet.  

  • Vintage ‘80s Boy Scout Trousers - My husband rolls his eyes at these because he had to wear them as a child. Hey, people love the color. I can’t blame them. It’s my favorite color, too!
  • Vintage Brighton Belt from 1993 - Belts are the best. Brighton has such good quality that I can’t pass them up. 
  • Vintage Frankoma Mug - So, I might be keeping this. (Shocker!) Collectible and then a knockout of a mug, I just love it. Sturdy, pottery, perfect.
  • Vintage Kensington Shirt with not-so-hidden Mickeys! - I’ve talked about these shirts in a previous post. I love these men’s Kennington crazy shirts. And Mickey, well, come on. How awesome to have little Mickey scattered throughout.
All are headed to the shop later this week. Thanks for loving vintage like I do. It’s the best.

Flatlayn of vintage

A belt on a bed

A mug

Frankoma signed

Boy Scout button

Boy Scout trousers

Crazy shirt

Mickey image in a shirt pattern

I am not Amazon │ 10 Pieces of Advice for Etsy Business Owners

A desk and computer
Where the magic happens: listing and shipping.

Want to know what it's like to own a small business on Etsy? Here's a little look into what to expect.

I could write scads about customer service and how difficult it is to have good customer service in any small business. It's not difficult because it's too hard for the owner. It's difficult because there is only one of them with a thousand different jobs to do.

If you want to own a small business or have a small business (for me, I am the sole employee), I sympathize and empathize. It's tough out there. Especially when everyone feels like an entitled critic and proves this role by leaving one-star reviews.

It's madness, actually. And there's no nice way to put it, but... people are rude. And yet, that has been going on for thousands of years. So, that's neither here nor there and not something to dwell on.

But, here is something to think about: A few “rules” I would love every customer to read before purchasing from me as a shop owner on Etsy selling vintage goods. Just so they know what I’m dealing with.

More specifically, these rules are for anyone looking to own a business, particularly one on eBay or Etsy, who has a small business, or who thinks owning a business is easy (and we should bend backward for everyone, all the time, no matter what).

There’s a lot involved.

  • You are not Amazon - This is the first one because it's the obvious miry pit we business owners have found ourselves in. Everyone expects Amazon results. Amazon has a bazillion employees. They send merchandise out fast. I am not that. I’m the opposite of Amazon. I am the shopper, photographer, packer, shipper, and everything. I am slower than Amazon. I can't guarantee money back like Amazon. If Amazon were one person, there would be delays, mistakes, and room to grow. Give us small businesses a break, people! We are real people behind the merchandise.
  • The owner does it all - I'm serious. You name it, you do it. You will wear many hats and you will get tired, but you will simultaneously be so fulfilled selling things you love on Etsy, that it makes up for anything negative.
  • The owner is fallible - You will make mistakes. You are human. You will ship the wrong item to the wrong person. Not sure how this happens, but it does. I've done it several times. Triple-check your actions, and still know, that you will make mistakes anyway. As a human being, this is your rite. If folks treat you like you should be superhuman, and they will, that's their problem, not yours. Last I checked, the buyer was as human as the seller.
  • The owner is doing the best they can - You are. If you love your work, love what you sell, or create, you will want to do the best you can. You want positive feedback, not negative reviews. Sometimes, we get negative reviews anyway,  but that is a constant, like death and taxes. You will do your darndest and still get a bad review. Demoralizing, yes. But, don't dwell on it. Learn (that you can't please everyone) and move on. Keep moving forward.
  • Remind the buyer to read the listing - If there's one thing I wish people did more it's this: READ THE DANG LISTING. It seems odd to remind them to do something they should know to do. Questions are answered, and curiosities are quelled, if you just read the listing. Also, know your own measurements (if you sell vintage clothing.) If you know your measurements and they fit within the listing you've JUST READ, then you'll fit it. If you don't have the measurements that are listed, you won't fit it. Trust me. It's how it works. Seems almost... prosaically simple. You'd be surprised how many people don't read the listing and think the item will fit them regardless. (moronic behavior, but again, ... I digress).
  • Be Gracious - This is where you don't use the term "moron" to your customers, and instead, smile and say kind words to them explaining what they did, and how to rectify the situation. You don't need to refund them or correct their mistake. That's their issue. But, you can still be gracious. It goes a long way.
  • Be prepared for 24/7 - When it's your company, you will be thinking about it constantly. We're talking, 24/7 constantly. Especially in the beginning. Although, I will say, that after nearly 14 years, I'm still thinking about my shop - and how to improve it, and make more sales- all the time. I suppose it never goes away. You've been warned.
  • You will not be a gazillionaire - I sell vintage clothing because I love it, not because I want to make tons of cash. Money is a necessity to live, but I don't do this job because I plan on raking in the dough. Do what you love, and the money will come anyway. Focus on your art or your vintage, and everything will fall into place. Including income.
  • You make zero dollars in shipping - Just a reminder, folks. Shipping an item costs money. I don't make money on shipping. Ever. In fact, Etsy takes a commission off the shipping. So, in essence, if I'm not paying attention, I will lose money on shipping. If an item has free shipping, it's because the shop owner has put that cost into the cost of the item. It's rearranging - a shuffling of the numbers- if you will. Customers, please don't complain about the shipping. We don't set the costs. The shipping companies do. Be prepared, shop owners, for people to haggle on shipping sometimes.
  • You do this because you love it - At the end of the day, this is the only reason I keep my shop open. There are a ton of hassles to deal with when you own your own business and I didn't even cover quarterly taxes, business licensing, etc. My vintage shop is here, and I continue on with it, because I love selling vintage, I love sourcing vintage, and I just love everything about the vintage world.

This was a long-winded, but it's something I've needed to get onto the proverbial paper for over a decade. 

I am not Amazon. But, I sure want you (the customer) to have a wonderful shopping experience every time you purchase something from me.

If you're gracious to me, I'm more than over the moon thankful for it. And I'm always thankful for every single sale. It means the world to me. Getting to do what I love every day is a dream come true.


Vintage Mug Monday | Vintage ‘70s Floral Japan Skinny Tall Mug

You guys, I love the shape of this mug.

I picked this up last week and chatted a little about it in a previous post. It’s a more unusual shape: skinny and tall. 

And I adore it. Fun to drink from. I swear my coffee tastes better because of it.

Have a wonderful week. May your mug be vintage and your coffee hot!

A hand holding a vintage mug.

Disneyland Details │ Nine Simple Details of The Disneyland Park

After going to Disneyland last week, a specific point is confirmed for me: just like in writing, it's the details that make the magic.

The rides of course are the main attraction. But the details are all chosen for a reason. Even the flowers. It all tells a story; it’s all intentional. 

This place is the “happiest place on earth” not just because of the Indiana Jones Ride, or the Matterhorn ride, but because the details in the queue up to the ride are perfect. The colors of paint, the music, or sound effects piped in on hidden speakers; it's the signage, the props, the way they can create real-looking rock from cement.

Their details use all five senses and maybe, even, the sixth sense. This is exactly what a great writer should do as well. 

Anything is possible if you believe. Walt Disney believed in this concept, created what he wanted to see, and watched his creations come alive for the happiness of all those who visit the parks today.

Here are just a few details I noted on this last trip. There's about, oh, a million more details photos I could've taken, but I chose these nine. Much of the park still feels vintage while many areas are brand new and feel new. 

Some areas of the park make me feel exactly like I did when I was there as a child in the ‘70s and ‘80s. It’s a nice blend of both. 

Until next time, my vintage friends...

Fountain at Pirates of the Carribean
Commemorative Fountain at the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.

Detail of a Disneyland table
Details of a table in Fantasyland.

Image of a light lamppost
A lampost in California Adventure.

A cup from Disneyland
This is what the cups look like at the park right now...

Disney Avengers Rest area
Rest area at the Guardians of the Galaxy ride.

California Adventure at Dusk
Dusk at California Adventure Park.

An office in a treehouse at disneyland
Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse Study... perfect room.

Star Wars view above at Disneyland
Star Wars Land at Disneyland.

Silver Ragwort
Silver Ragwort spotted in line at The Matterhorn ride.

Fanciful Foxglove | My Vintage Garden

My foxglove is flowering and gorgeous. It’s a perennial but can act as a biennial. So, I never know where it’ll pop up - and flower - in my garden. 

The squirrels and birds move the seeds around. It may be in one part of my garden one year, but show up in a new spot the next year (with no flowers in the old spot.)

Then pop back up in its old place after that! It’s always a surprise. 

Hope you have a lovely weekend.

Foxglove petals

Foxglove plant

TGIVF │ Vintage Victorian Photo

When I went to Disneyland last week, the ride The Haunted Mansion was closed for renovations. The Haunted Mansion is a fun and spooky ride, and I missed all the music and merriment of "99 Happy Haunts."

But, I came across this beautiful Victorian photo via Facebook on the page "Historical Pictures." I love their page for all of the true vintage photos they post.

A vintage photo of a Victorian-era woman

A recent picture they posted is of a woman in Victorian-era clothing. Hauntingly beautiful, and a perfect stand-in for missing a haunted house ride, this photo would be a lovely addition to any haunted house. She is a beauty.

Happy Friday and thank God it's vintage Friday (TGIVF). 

Mini Thrift Haul | Vintage Mug Alert

My two thrifting days are Tuesday and Thursday. 

Today’s little haul was nice; more of the usual things I love to sell like denim, belts, and bandanas.

Flat lay of thrifted vintage clothing

But the mug… I had to get it - another one for my collection. Love her shape.

A vintage floral mug


A Garden and a Library

I love this quote. 

The simple things are the best things. And I can’t imagine not gardening or reading for a fulfilled life. 

These two actions are a part of my everyday life.

I believe Cicero was right…

Cicero quote

Vintage 1978 Military Coveralls │ Vintage Workwear

When I found these vintage military coveralls, I noted they were a size men’s small. 

That meant I could try them on (just because) and they might fit! (Men’s small are usually a perfect fit for me because I’m on the taller side).

So, naturally, I did, and they fit great.

Coveralls are back in style (you can find similar modern ones, especially for women, in stores now because of the resurgence of  “workwear”), but nothing beats the vintage ones.

The color, fade, patina… you can’t duplicate real true wear.

Vintage 70s Coveralls Flatlay

A model wearing vintage coveralls

Vintage coveralls tag

Backside of vintage coferalls flatlay

Vintage 1978 Coveralls

Thrift Haul │ My Vintage thrifted Finds May 14, 2024 - Week 3

Found a stack of vintage clothing on my questing today. Two items really made me happy. Here's what I thrifted today:

  • 5 '70s/'80s skirts 
  • 1 '90s silk blouse
  • 1 '90s belt
  • 1 '80s Levi's jean trucker jacket
  • 1 1974 olive drab army coveralls
It's nice to find more than a couple of things after scouring four thrift stores! I love all my finds, but of course, the Levi's denim jacket and coveralls are my favorites! 

I paid a little more for those two favorite items, more than I wanted to (wanted to = $10 or less) - closer to double than what I wanted - but when it comes to rare items or items I want in my store, I'm willing to pay a little more to have them. They get people to my shop (and get them back as repeat customers).

Once they know what I sell, they know I'll keep restocking the same (or similar) things and come back for more. These are headed to the shop tomorrow.

Have a super Tuesday...

A flatlay of a vintage levi's jacket and 1974 army coveralls

Vintage Levi's Jacket

Vintage 1974 Coveralls

Stack of vintage clothing

Miniature Bookshelf Inserts │ Book Nook Inserts

A book shelf accesory

Have you seen these? They're called book nooks.

Some are puzzles you put together, and some are pieces you assemble into cottages, houses, and fantasy forests. Some come already made.

They're bookshelf inserts and apparently, the sky's the limit on creativity with these. 

I'd seen some a year or two ago on Instagram, on a site called TheFaeryForest (the most amazing book nooks I've ever seen and probably where I would get one) but it has taken off with the cottagecore trend. 

Now you can find an insert to put on your bookshelf that represents you and what you love.

As if curated bookshelves weren't pretty enough (I'm not talking about bookshelf wealth, but shelves you've taken the time to curate, collect, and create something truly magical - something that represents you and your travels), adding these little bits of magic to shelves only takes up book reading another peg.

This has such vintage appeal because a lot of bookshelves have old books. Vintage books. Adding a book nook with an old-timey look captures a cozy library atmosphere.

Books are magical. As are book nooks that go with them...

A book nook

Book Nook in a bookshelf

Bookshelf insert

A book nook for your bookshelf

Book Nook insert

What is the Dark Academia Aesthetic? │ The Arts and Literature Meet Interior Design

There is a trend in naming trends... and it's kind of annoying.

Except that the name for this trend, Dark Academia Aesthetic, sounds rather inviting.

What is this trend? It's the quintessentially perfect study or library: think thick leather sofas, mahogany bookshelves, leather-bound books, and quaint lighting. It's vintage knickknacks, beautiful accent pieces, and a glorification of old things; one that is concerned with literature or the arts. 

It's an old study filled with vintage beautiful things. Everything I love seeing on old PBS classics. Or read about in classic books like The Great Gatsby, or Jane Austen.

It's also everything I love and totally up my alley, especially as a Literature major. And guess what? It's also called " the old library" or "the study" in normal interior design.

Regardless, I'm thrilled that people like this look still. I even have a section on my Pinterest site with a board filled with beautiful Dark Academia.

While it's pretentious to name this type of style, much like the term bookshelf wealth, the images I've come across make me yearn for a dark, rich, library or study. These are all the things I adore, have wanted to be surrounded by, and hope to attain (without pretension) because I love literature, books, and vintage interiors.

Essentially, the dark academia aesthetic is my jam. It’s literature meets vintage interior design and it’s a beautiful blend.

Maybe one day I'll have my dark academia room. For now, I can look at pictures and think beautiful thoughts.


An old Library

vintage library at home

An old study image

Dark Academia - A room full of books and a sofa

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