Vintage Fathers Day | Happy Father’s Day

To all the dads out there - and a big shout out to my dad and husband - Happy Father’s Day!

I’m lucky to still have my dad with me. I’m so grateful.

Vintage Father’s Day

Vintage Father’s Day

My Vintage Home | Tulips

I had about four different bouquets in the house a week ago for my son’s high school graduation party. 

Most have lost their blooms and beauty now and are gone but there was a moment of beautiful early evening light a couple days ago.

The lighting was perfect as were the tulips. And I had to take a picture. Isn’t it lovely?

Have a great weekend…

Candle and tulips

Thank God it’s Vintage Friday | Vintage Dog

I love this vintage photo. Dog, study, leather chair, books. 

All this pup needs is a good whisky. And maybe some chocolate  

Have a great Friday. TGIVF. 

Dog in a chair in a library

Vintage Lover and Individualist │ The Enneagram 4

A lot of people have taken personality tests to uncover who they are. While I don't think these tests are definitive - humans are multi-faceted and complex and no test can completely uncover "who" you are - they can shed light on your behavior and why you act as you do.

There are many different tests but two come to mind.

One is made by the Myers and Briggs Foundation, which is a great way to comprehend more about who you are and how you tick. Here's a test to take if you're interested in what MBTI personality you are.

Another is the Enneagram Type Descriptions. Both are informative and get you to think about why you feel, think, act, and live as you do. But as I said before, I don't bank on the results as an "end all" to why I am the way I am.

We may be born with a certain personality but we also make choices. Choices determine who we become as much as our innate personality shapes us.

I'm an INFJ on the Myers & Briggs test and an Enneagram 4 (to a T). Taking these tests (only a few years ago for the first time) made me realize I'm not weird for being the way I am because that's how I was made! INFJs are on the rare side; there aren't a whole lot of us out there, so finding similar people like me has been hard. 

It also points me toward why I love vintage so much. This is one of the biggest parts of why I was happy to uncover more about my personality.

My sisters like certain things like I do, but not in the same way. Sure they like some vintage things, but they don't need it on the same level as I do. They could live without it, whereas vintage is like oxygen to me. I love, live, breathe, drink, eat, and exist for vintage, quality, heritage, and classic things. The same goes for my introverted, thinking, and writing personality.

I'm an old soul living in a world surrounded by people who don't like it like I do.

So, when I uncovered I was a "Four" on the Enneagram types, it affirmed why I loved, lived, acted, and thought the way I did. And it especially showed me I wasn't a nut for loving vintage and creativity like I do! Vintage equals creativity and individualism. My desire to stand out and be unique, well, that's me. And the best part is that there are others out there like me. Just like me. I'm not alone.

This doesn't mean I don't need to work on myself or change my negative traits. Nor does it give me an excuse to just "be the way I am" as an out for bad behavior. But it does remind me that God made me the way I am and I can be secure, understanding, and accepted - even if only by Him - for the way I am.

So, now you know who I am. Curious to know a little more about who you are?

Click on these links to learn more. ►Meyers and Briggs style 16 Personality Types. ►Enneagram Types.

Books for INFJ / Type 4:

The INFJ Handbook

The INFJ Writer (great book - I love this one as a writer. Because, duh, most writers are INFJs)

The Enneagram Type 4


A type four enneagram image
When I saw this image, I about fell over. This is me 100%: Boots, vintage, jeans, books... it doesn't get any more me than this. Sure, I have other traits not listed here, but on the surface, a quick glance, it's me. I about cried when I saw it because it represented me and made me see I love what I love because it's how I was made! I'm not crazy. I'm just being me.

Type 4 enneagram image

INFJ image

Vintage Haul │ My Thrifted Finds June 12, 2024

Today was another great day for thrifted finds. And this time, it's more than a handful of items.

It's warm outside these June days, so getting out early to the thrift stores is imperative before I'm a wilted flower, dragging my finds behind me.

Here's what I got:

A flat lay of vintage items
  • Two vintage '90s braided belts
  • Two vintage '80s / '90s bandanas
  • One Irish '80s Aran Cardigan (Love!! These are always one of my favorite finds)
  • One pair of vintage '60s military olive green trousers fatigues (Again, love!!)
  • One vintage '80s Eddie Bauer men's park
  • One vintage '60s / '70s  fair isle ski sweater
  • One vintage mug (I'm keeping this one - one of mine just broke yesterday and for .99 cents, I couldn't refuse this one - a legit excuse this time to add to my vintage mug collection.)
  • One vintage '70s Pyrex olive green refrigerator dish (keeping for my collection).
Not shown, is a basic '90s denim jean blouse (I forgot to put that in the shot). 

For my Etsy shop, summer months always mean a slump in sales. 

This happens to every Etsy seller in nearly every category on Etsy worldwide. Why? Everyone who is normally buying vintage or handmade items is out traveling!

A celtic cardigan label

Fall is the best time for sales for me and so is the Christmas season. This is why, even in the summer, I'm stocking up on sweaters, pants, long sleeves, and wool items and generally keeping my shop "winterized."

I'm prepping for the busy season. Even though it's blazing outside, that season begins in late August when kids (especially college students) head back to school.

Have a great week, my vintage friends! 

Spring Blossom Redesign Pyrex │ Vintage Pyrex Thrifted Find

Pyrex came out with the lovely Spring Blossom design in the 1970s and came out with a "redesign" of it in 1979. My mom had this pattern, so it's one of my favorites.

Spring Blossom Green, that's this pattern here. I found the smallest bowl (401) in this pattern a few days ago. It was in a semi-rough shape with use and wear all over it.

But, as I always say for those who thrift Pyrex, "Beggars can't be choosy." I have been looking for this little bowl for over three years.  After using a great cleaner that isn't too abrasive (called Peek- it doesn't take off the paint and is very gentle on Pyrex), it looked pretty dang good. Some paint was a little chippy, but not bad at all.

My collection is still coming along and I'm always so excited when I find a piece I don't have. That's getting rarer every day, but that's okay. I'll take it!

It's all about the treasure hunt.

A bowl with green and white flowers

A vintage bowl

A cabinet of vintage bowls

Spring Blossom Info in a book
This is from Pyrex Passion Book. Get it here!

Image of Pyrex in a Book
Pyrex Passion Book Page on Spring Blossom Green - Get it here!


Vintage Mug Monday │ Gary Larson Mugs

Gary Larson has been a staple comedian in our house for years. My boys and husband crack up over his material.

For me, living with Larson's humor has been with me for decades. His syndicated comic made itself known as it appeared in our daily paper back in the ‘80s. And my dad had books of his comics and we kids loved to look through them through the years growing up.

These mugs... well, they're just something else. 

They sell almost as soon as I list them (or close to it) because his humor is classic as it is actually funny.

There are copycats like him out there, with their graphics and words, but no one just like him.

Larson is a classic. Comedy gold.

Mugs are in the shop.


Gary Larson mugs

Gary Larson mug

Gary Larson Cat Mug

Snake Plant | My Vintage Garden

My latest house plant is a snake plant. Also - appropriately- called mother-in-law’s tongue.

I had a peace lily here for years but it didn’t fare well. It needed more light. So I needed a plant for this area of my family room that needed less light. 

The snake plant fit the bill.
Minimal watering - and low light needs - I’m hoping this beauty will like it here. 

Have a great weekend. Today is my birthday so I’m prepping to eat cake and enjoy the day! 

Snake plant

Snake plant

Snake plant


Vintage Friday | TGIVF

Vintage photo of a woman and goose

This party week is still going strong! 

With my son’s graduation and party and now another graduation in the family happening tonight, this time of year - the end of the school year for graduates - is as overwhelming as Christmas.

Parties, gifts, family, busyness… it’s all here. 

And I have two more graduation parties this weekend and two birthday parties to attend. 

This photo feels how I think. It’s possible to do it all, but it feels a bit on the impossible side. Regardless, I will get the goose in the car (or is it a swan?) And then we will drive to the funny farm…

Have a great weekend. And thank God it’s vintage Friday! TGIVF.

Vintage Haul │ My Vintage Thrifted Finds June 6, 2024

My youngest son graduated high school this week, so instead of thrifting, I was busy prepping for the graduation party and everything that goes with it. I'm so proud of him. 

Everything is changing. I now have grown-up sons. I'm onto the next great phase of my life.

But, I was able to get out and treasure hunt today.

Found a few good things!

  • A vintage '70s/80s Hawaiian Wrap Skirt
  • A vintage '90s green leather belt
  • A vintage '60s ivory sweater that is gorgeous, look at that label!
  • A vintage piece of Spring Blossom Pyrex (this is for my collection.)
  • A vintage '80s southwest bandana
As always, I'm grateful for every find.

All are headed to the shop as soon as possible.

Thanks for checking out my finds.

A flatlay of vintage clothing found

A close up of a vintage label

Orange Town and Country Pyrex Casserole

It’s been a month or so since I picked up a piece of Pyrex. It’s not that I’m not looking or thrifting. It’s just been absent in my questing and sourcing for my shop. None to be found.

But this pattern of not finding (and finding) Pyrex goes in waves. I’ll find many pieces some months and nothing for months, too. 

This beautiful orange casserole is my latest find. It may go with the Daisy pattern or Town and Country pattern. I’m not quite sure. 

Regardless, it’s always a rush to find Pyrex in excellent condition. And a piece I don’t have! Even better.

My last born graduates high school today. Guess I better get a move on!


Margaret Tarrant, June

Margaret Tarrant and her beautiful vintage art. Here is another June image, for this lovely month. I couldn't resist. Such a sweet piece. 

I will probably post one of her images every month for the next year now that I know her art.

Have a great week. We're supposed to have our first 100-degree day of the year today! I'm thinking cool thoughts.


Margaret Tarrant Drawing for June

Vintage Mug Monday | Vintage Mug by Frankoma

I mentioned finding this mug a week or two ago. I had plans to sell it but I love it too much. At least for now.

It’s by Frankoma, a vintage Oklahoma-based pottery company. Small and stout, this mug is the cutest size. A touch smaller than I normally like, but really, the pottery makes up for it.

Pottery pieces - true pottery mugs - are a treat to drink from. Thick, smooth, quality… the mug one drinks from matters!

Happy Monday. May your mug be vintage. And your coffee hot.

Vintage frankoma mug

Wax-leaf Privet | My Vintage Garden

This flowering shrub is deadly (proverbially) for allergies. It’s called Wax Leaf Privet. We don’t just have a few plants or even a hedge. We have a wall of trees of this stuff.

I took this photo last week -  the plant is no longer flowering. It felt mildly inappropriate to post about this plant when it was wreaking so much havoc for my husband’s allergies.

Now that’s it’s done flowering, I need to mention that it smelled so good. Yes, horrible for allergies but holy moly, it has an intoxicating smell. 

For the few weeks it flowers, bees hum in them - literally humming. All day and night for about two weeks.

This plant makes a superb hedge or fencing screen and smells incredible in the spring. But your allergies will suffer for it.

Regardless, I love this plant. It does extremely well in the California climate.

Wax leaf privet plant

Welcome, June

A piece of vintage text about the month of June

June is here. It's always a great month of transition, from spring into summer; from the death of winter to the life of warmth and growth.

And for me, from one birthday to the next.

June is my favorite month, though fall is my favorite season.

Love this poem by Sanders, though I need to find out who the artist is of this piece. It's adorable.

Welcome, June.


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